Monday, January 31, 2005

What good is a husband who hasn't checked the mail by two o'clock when you call to see if the wool has arrived. I ask you.

NEW - Simpsons mittens for baby MacDonald
I have discovered the way to both move ahead on the designs for my book and do something Simpsons-y for my co-worker. Scratch mittens! They're easy and quick, so I can do them in addition to the cabled sweater. And I can put Simpsons motifs on 'em. In fact, I'm thinking of cheating and doing the motifs in duplicate stitch instead of knitting them in - I can even get the precise colours I want by using DMC embroidery thread instead of yarn. And of course, what is the best Simpsons motif to put on scratch mittens? Itchy and Scratchy, of course! Am I brilliant or am I brilliant. He is going to love them. I anticipate much laughter as they are unwrapped.
United Way argyle cardigan for baby Rosatelli
I am just finishing up the row right before the split for the armholes. My multiple bobbins of yarn are hopelessly tangled, but I don't care, the pattern is turning out very successfully.

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