Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Well, I took advantage of being around a digital camera last night, and took some pictures of a few of my projects. I now have a photo of the fair isle hat I made for my daughter, and I have some work-in-progress shots to boot. Wow, how about that - added interest. What a concept.

Blanket for baby Gelman
More waffling. I remembered that I had scads of worsted weight acrylic in a cheery turquoise colour (horrendous for adults, but perfect for babies) which I got for free from that woman in my mom's building who was giving away her knitting stuff. Whereas I would have eventually had to go out and get more of the white worsted I was planning to use originally. But then I went and got the turquoise yarn, and it didn't seem all that thick. So now I'm undecided again. To resolve all of this, I'm trying out one of the hexagon pieces to get an idea of how big the blanket will turn out to be. If the hexagon ends up too small, I will either have to use a thicker yarn, or suck it up and make all the pieces that the pattern calls for. So far it's hard to tell how big the hexagon is going to end up being, but the pattern is looking lovely.
United Way argyle cardigan for baby Rosatelli
Did some more fine-tuning of the pattern yesterday, but I still haven't had the chance to go out and get the yarn. Hopefully tonight.
Patons sweater for baby Rosatelli
I have a photo!

In this shot, the yoke is complete and the ribbed neckline is ready to be started. I have since begun the first row of the ribbed neckline, but that's all - so, not much difference from how much is done in this picture. It's really coming along - I'm almost done.
Henry VII sweater for DH
I didn't actually do any more work on this project, but I did take a picture of what it looks like so far:

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Anonymous said...

Wow -- your work is gorgeous. You finished that hat in a day? Incredible. No wonder you can have so many projects on the go at once -- you're actually capable of finishing them! I look forward to more (though infrequent) pictures.