Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Took some more pictures with my mom's digital camera. You can see the completed Patons sweater for baby Rosatelli, and I've got some in-progress shots in today's blog.

Poncho for baby Ashthorn
I was all the way up to starting the border pattern under the neckline and suddenly decided I wanted to do the poncho in baby blue (which it wasn't) instead of mint green (which it was). Why? Well, it occurred to me that, these days, ponchos seem to be mostly a girl thing, plus the intricate texture pattern of what I'm making...my thinking was that a girl could pull off a blue intricately-patterned poncho, but a boy might not have the same success with a poncho of any colour other than that ultra-masculine of hues (read dripping sarcasm here), blue. Changing the colour would probably reduce the chances that people in public would gush over what a cute little 'girl' a boy is. (The parents of this baby are a lesbian couple, so I don't think for a moment that they have gender issues, but I know from experience how annoying it is to have strangers assume the wrong gender for your child because you haven't dressed them stereotypically according to their sex. So why add to the parents' annoyance, I say.) Could I have thought of this earlier? Yes. But I didn't. So I started all over again, and this time in bigger needles so that the resulting fabric wouldn't be as stiff. I'm now almost to the neckline and I think it's looking really, really good. I'm very stoked about how this will look when it's done.
Ljod cardigan for moi
No progress, but I did take this picture of what I've done so far:
Catherine Howard cardigan for moi
Another project with no progress but, at last, a picture:

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Anonymous said...

Pretty pictures. I particularly like the cabled sweater.