Sunday, January 23, 2005


Hubby came back from an errand yesterday with the pictures from our latest roll of film, and I scanned 'em. So I now have new visuals on my projects list: Hrogn romper, hooded jacket, baby's poncho, textured/fair isle romper, snuggly romper and Border Options sweater (that last is a new FO from way back that I remembered when I found a picture of it on my hard drive). Enjoy. I haven't scanned and uploaded all the photos - I'm not keen on showing visuals of my own patterns that I'm going to try to publish. But the rest is available for viewing!

Cardigan for DD
Well, I felt like doing something new, and DD has been growing out of a lot of her clothes lately, so I started this. So far I've only got about 2 inches of the garter stitch done on the collar (it's a top-down pattern).
Poncho? for baby Ashthorn
I wanted to design another Book of Kells themed item for my book. So I looked over my notes for the quickest, easiest project I could do, since this baby is due next month. The poncho idea seemed to fit the bill, so I started on that. I've gone through a few iterations of ideas to experiment with how the pattern lies on the poncho, and how the increasing should go. The idea I'm working with now may be the winner. It ain't easy, though - for the first time ever, I've been using a row counter in order to be able to keep track of which rows I'm supposed to do increasing on. But when it's done I think it may turn out very nicely indeed. Stay tuned.
United Way argyle cardigan for baby Rosatelli
Swatching continues, this time with separate bobbins.
Patons sweater for baby Rosatelli
Done! I think it looks great. Photos to come.

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