Thursday, January 20, 2005

Blanket for baby Gelman
Now I'm getting frustrated. I'm comparing my hexagons to the picture of the completed blanket in the pattern, and my yarn-overs are obviously way too small. Plus, there doesn't appear to be any appreciable size increase in the hexagon I did on the larer needles. So, I'm going to try even larger needles and work on loosening up my YOs. However, I am getting pretty tired of the setbacks on this project so I didn't bring it to work with me today. I will set it aside for a little while so I can come back to it with renewed enthusiasm.
Spanish Knight sweater for mom
Faced with no other deadline projects which I was able to take to work with me today, I brought this. It doesn't have to be done until December, but I know that as Christmas approaches, I will probably be very glad that I did work on this 'way back in January'. :) So I did some rows on the subway this morning and finished the 1x1 cable lattice section.
Stornaway sweater for BIL (cream)
I think my husband thinks I'm a bit mad. Last night I did a vaudevillian dance in the kitchen, followed by a hora dance down the hall, grinning like a maniac the entire time. These were extreme happy dances because I FINISHED THE SWEATER. The joy is palpable! I soaked the sweater in Eucalan and then blocked it. It's still pretty damp but it looks TERRIFIC all stretched out and drying, and it seems to have softened up in the Eucalan, which is great. By Monday I expect I'll be able to wrap it up and send it off. 'Hooray' does not even begin to cover how happy I am about all this. I'm ecstatic. This project is officially DONE. I feel giddy.
Patons sweater for baby Rosatelli
Got about three-quarters of an inch done on the neck ribbing last night. This sweater is now so close to completion that I didn't want to bring it in to work, because I'd just finish it early in the day and then have nothing to knit on the commute home. Just a bit more ribbing to do, some weaving-in of ends, and then I can check this project off me list!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing the sweater! Any chance you could get a photo of it before it leaves your possession? It sounds lovely.