Thursday, January 06, 2005

Appropros of absolutely nothing knitting-related, my watch battery died on me yesterday around 4:05pm. I'm now watchless. It's such a helpless feeling! Plus my wrist is feeling quite naked. Y'know, ancient cavepeople never had to worry about crap like this.


Hillhead slipover for Grandpa
Well, first of all, I now have a title for this pattern, since I went back into the Feitelson pattern book to see what quantities of yarn I'd need. And second of all, I now know what quantities of yarn I need! Unfortunately, if I go with the recommended Jamieson & Smith yarn (which would take far less time and hassle than figuring out good substitutes), it looks like I'm going to be spending a fair bit of money and I'm going to have scads of partial skeins leftover. With any luck I can sell the partial skeins on eBay or something and recoup some costs. The cheapest price I've seen on any Canadian yarn seller website is $5.25 a skein. Did I mention the skeins were only 25g each? Did I also mention that I need sixteen skeins?!? Lordy, this is going to cost. The only shining hope is that the manufacturer of the yarn sells to the public, and their website says they charge one pound 20 pence per skein. I've emailed them to ask them what the shipping costs would be, because one pound 20p is a vast improvement over $5.25Cdn, even if I had to pay customs charges. We shall see. Incidentally, my grandfather is now doing so well that he is being moved out of palliative care. And his new doctor, who was on vacation for the last two weeks of grandfather-health-hell, is making noises about some of the health problems actually being fixable. I am scared to hope but deep down I am rejoicing and crossing my fingers for all I'm worth. Stay tuned.
Stornaway sweater for BIL (cream)
I estimate 70 rows left for the sleeve shaping. I also now think that my estimate yesterday of 145 rows left on the sleeve shaping was a gross overstatement, so don't go thinking that I've done 75 rows in a day!
Henry VII sweater for DH
I've probably done about another inch or so on the front. Unfortunately I screwed up all of the most recent row and have had to "tink" it. Grr.

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