Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Well. Another Christmas over. Unfortunately, a very sad and stressful one this year.

DH revealed to me that he is being driven to depression by the stress at work. We are now working towards healing his mental state and getting him into another job. This will be an interesting task since he really isn't in a vocation that he actually likes. Problem is, he doesn't really know what he does want to do. With any luck, this will not mean losing the house while he shifts careers. My other big concern is that this may put our plans for baby #2 on hold, which I hatehatehate the idea of. We shall see. Can anyone think of a job that would be fun for someone who has an encyclopedia-like knowledge of all facts relating to history, geography and golf?

As well, my grandfather's health is failing fast. This sucks.

But, as always, I have my knitting. This is a very nice thing. I also have a loving family, a supportive and fun work environment, and, best of all, the most incredible child the world has ever seen.

So aside from the nasty stuff, Christmas was great. We spent lots of time with family, gave great gifts, got great gifts, drove to all our visits without mishaps...all good.

The only negative knitting comment I have is that my (absolutely wonderful) MIL gave me knitting gifts this year which were actual projects that she had picked out. Now...she has great taste. I absolutely adore one of the projects (and it's for me)! Another of the projects will be a nice-to-do. And the third project is so-so - but it's small, so it won't be a long haul. But I must admit that I am somewhat unthrilled at being told what to make. This makes me sound incredibly ungrateful, which in turn makes me feel really, really bad - I mean, hell, the woman bought me alpaca for a sweater project, for heaven's sake! How awesome is she! But still...with all the projects that I always take on, there is an irritation factor. This wouldn't be the case if there was just one. But three "assigned" projects is a bit much.

And that's all I'll say negatively, because really, the gifts were fantastically wonderful and every bit of yarn she gave me is scrumptious and she's awesome. She even gave me a "yarn barn", which is one of those anti-tangle, anti-skein-bouncing-around-while-you-knit plastic yarn tubs with a hole in the top for the yarn. I've never used one of these before. I'm looking forward to trying it out.

Feitelson slipover for Grandpa
I think I will have to face the fact that this isn't going to get done. The odds against my grandfather ever getting better are astronomical. I hate this. I want so badly to make him this slipover and to see him enjoy wearing it. F**k. Screw it, I'm not cancelling this project just yet.
Spanish Knight sweater for Mom
I won the auction. The final cost was $52.51US. Not too damn bad! This was a nice happy amidst the crap that was happening around Christmas. I can't wait to get it.
Secret Garden cardigan for niece
Started this on Christmas Eve, and it's coming along very nicely. I'm almost done the body, and will probably be able to start a sleeve before the day is out. Unfortunately, the more I work on it, the more I'm thinking it's going to be much too small. Argh! I'm making the 2-3 year size. My niece is about to turn 2, and she's a very big girl (started out at 10lbs 1oz and kept going from there). And the 2-3 year size is looking like it would only just fit my 19-month-old daughter. Maybe they grow kids kinda small where Alice Starmore comes from. :) However, I'm still going to finish it and send it off ASAP, with a note that if it's too small, I will happily make the next size up. It's a fun, quick pattern, so this is no big deal.
Stornaway sweater for BIL (cream)
Well, this never ended up being given because BIL did not come down from Ottawa to spend Christmas with us after all. Which sucked. I'd much rather have had his company than not have to give him an incomplete sweater. However - what can you do. So I'm going to finish off the second sleeve, wash and block the sweater, and then we can mail off all his gifts.
Catherine Parr sweater for MIL
She loved it. :) Unfortunately she didn't get a chance to try it on in front of me, but she promised she would. Hopefully I'll get to see her in it soon.
Patons hooded jacket for Lucy
My mom offered to send this in one big package along with her gift. So hey, I let her. :) She sent it off before Christmas and it should arrive soon, I hope.
NEW - poncho for moi
MIL gave me 9oz of some GORGEOUS variegated wool for Christmas in a kid/wool/nylon blend - mostly kid. Stunning combination of bright blue and deep plum. Hand-dyed. Very soft. Unghhhh. I've never worked with kid before - it should be very interesting! Actually, she gave me two patterns I could use with the yarn - a shawl or a poncho. I will be making the poncho. This will be fun!
NEW - Stacy's sweater for DH
Another gift from MIL - she gave me a copy of Linden Phelps' and Beryl Hiatt's Simply Beautiful Sweaters for Men and enough alpaca to make "Stacy's sweater" in the book. The yarn is slate blue, except for one skein which is navy, for the colour accent. The sweater was meant to be for either DH or my brother, but I'm thinking DH. There probably isn't enough yarn for the size my brother would need, and the pattern would look better on DH. And I think DH would appreciate the scrumptiousness of the alpaca more. With any luck, this will be my birthday present to him. I've got six months.
NEW - cardigan for DD
The final knitting gift from MIL - a book of children's patterns, and some Sirdar denim tweed yarn to make the cardigan on page 84. The main colour is a sort of medium powder blue, and the accent colour is a variegated blue/dusty pink. Plus two buttons (didn't get a good long look, but they seem to be mother-of-pearl, or at least good fakes). Unfortunately, the pattern doesn't seem too interesting, although it will probably be a quick knit, and the yarn feels nice. I'm probably going to put this one aside for a few months.

Whew. Time to get knittin'!

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