Friday, December 31, 2004

Poncho for moi
Put the hank on the swift last night and started winding it up on my ball winder. Alas, the hank is way too big to fit on one skein via the ball winder. Since the poncho is a very loose, lacy sort of thing, I'm really reluctant to cut the yarn since I don't know how successfully I could weave the ends into the poncho. So I've got a beautiful centre-pull skein attached to a hank. When I reach the hank it should get interesting. Oh, well. The other unfortunate thing is that the pattern calls for 9mm needles, which I don't have. Ordinarily I would just wrap twice around 4.5mm needles, but this is a kind of novelty yarn - fuzzy with what the yarn label calls "curlylocks", which are circular nubs at very frequent intervals along the yarn. I am not so skillful as to be able to keep track of doubled-up loops with yarn like this. So I shall have to go out and get me some 9mm needles. Yeek. My fingers are seizing up just thinking about it! But I really think it will be worth it. The colours of this yarn are just stunning. My husband oohed and aahed when I started untwisting the hank. :)
Stacy's Sweater/Henry VII sweater for DH
I finished the test swatch with the alpaca and discovered that I can actually get pretty close to Henry VII gauge with the stuff. Thus I presented my findings to DH. I told him that although the Stacy's Sweater pattern would of course look lovely with the alpaca, and nice on him, and it was what his mom had in mind, I didn't think the pattern was too exciting and would rather make the Henry VII sweater out of it instead. He said he'd think about it. He likes the Henry VII sweater very much, but he is also quite keen on the Stacy's Sweater pattern. After hearing that, I'm a bit more gung-ho on doing the Stacy's for him, since he obviously likes it so much. And now that I think about it, the yarn would suit the Stacy's pattern better. Oi! So many choices! I shall await DH's decision.
United Way argyle cardigan
Did some research on what traditional Argyle sweaters/cardigans are supposed to look like, and I've come up with what Rob and I think is a very nice design. It'll be an argyle pattern on the body, with solid-colour sleeves, hem, cuffs, button bands and collar. I think it'll look really good. I also looked up measurements for what a 12-month-baby sweater should be, and I think I have my dimensions decided upon. Now I just have to do some swatching and yarn hunting so that I can nail down the gauge I want and so that I can design the argyle pattern grid.
Stornaway sweater for BIL (cream)
Sleeve #2 proceeds! Underarm gusset is almost done.

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