Thursday, December 16, 2004

Last evening I told myself firmly that it would be an incredibly stupid thing to stay up until 11 to watch CSI:NY. And I didn't. However, I did stay up until 11 in an attempt to finish MIL's Christmas gift - flipping onto just about every TV channel except the one showing CSI:NY. Lordy, but I'm a moron. And the sweater still isn't finished, either. And DH is getting increasingly annoyed at my lack of sleep.

Catherine Parr sweater for MIL
There is not much left to do on this project, glory be! I have about 5 more rows to do on the neck, half a seam left on one sleeve, and then it's ready to be washed, blocked, and wrapped. Whee! I even tried it on last night to see how the length would be and it looks terrific (MIL and I are different sizes, but even so, there's a great deal of difference between seeing a sweater lying flat on a surface and seeing it on someone). Since there's so little left to do, I didn't bother taking it to work today. I would only have finished it halfway through the day and be forced to twiddle my thumbs idly on the commute home with no knitting to do - a very inefficient use of knitting time, which is in short supply compared to all there is to be done.
Stornaway sweater for BIL (cream)
This is the project I took with me to work today. I broke the yarn so I could wind a skein on my ball winder, since there is no way in the fiery depths of Hell that I am ever going to lug the 8lb cone of yarn for this project onto the subway with me. Unfortunately, the days are now so short (stupid winter) that it is pretty dark during the morning car ride, so I'm restricted to knitting only on the subway leg of the journey to work. However, I did get some rows done. I anticipate more productive knitting during my lunch hour today.
Secret Garden cardigan for niece
I've been thinking more about this project and I think I'm going to start it immediately after Christmas (more like on Christmas day, actually - maybe even on Christmas Eve!) in the hopes of getting it done in time for Madison's birthday at the beginning of January. It will be a helluva rush job, I guarantee that. On the other hand, I have Christmas weekend and the two days of holiday after that to make significant progress. If I can't get it done in time, well, I guess it will be off to Toys R Us for something "boughten". We shall see.

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