Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I'm still defining all I do these days as "panic knitting", but at least I'm starting to feel less panicked. This is good. The end of at least one Christmas project is within my grasp.

Catherine Parr sweater for MIL
Sleeves are done! Shoulders are sewn together! Sleeves are sewn onto the body! I have picked up and knit all the stitches around the neckline! That means that the only things I have left to do are to sew the side and sleeve seams, to knit the neckline, to darn in the ends, and to block the sweater. With any luck, this can all be done by the time I go to bed on Thursday. Wouldn't that be nice! To top all this good news off, now that all the pieces are sewn together, the sweater is looking super-good. Phew.

Also, I've officially "cancelled" the following projects, even though I haven't frogged them yet:

  • Patons leggings for cousin's baby #1
  • Mendocino cardigan for DD
  • Pounder romper for unknown baby

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