Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Well, I spent a lot of the weekend trying to recuperate from this damn cold, and took Monday off work, too. Hence the delay in updating this journal. Hence also the fact that even though it's been five days since the last update, not a lot of knitting has taken place. But that's okay, because the tradeoff is that I'm feeling way better. Hoorah.

Catherine Parr sweater for MIL
Started the redo of the back border - I'm about 2" in.
NEW - Fair isle hat for DD
Friday evening, DD's daycare provider forgot to pack her hat to go home with. Thus I discovered on Monday that DD has outgrown all her other hats except for one which is excruciatingly girly in a very old-fashioned frou frou kind of way. Yes, she looks cute in it (she looks cute in everything), but the thing was really ridiculous. Plus, the hat that was still at daycare was starting to get a little small anyway. So Monday while I was at home sick, I whipped up a fair isle hat for her from a Patons pattern ("Small Wonders" booklet #500751, the hat on the front cover), using up a bunch of my yarn scraps. It should fit her for a while. It has ear flaps and a nifty tassle. DD looks tremendously sweet in it, and she got a kick out of seeing herself in it in the mirror this morning. Success!

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