Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Curse you, Legends of the Fall. I've seen you more times than I can count and yet I still stayed up past my bedtime watching you on TV last night. Damn, but I have no self-control. Although, I must admit that the desire to Just. Keep. Knitting. probably had more to do with staying up so late.

Latest progress:

Spanish Knight sweater for Mom
Oh. My. Gawd. On a whim, I did a search for the Lavold silky wool on eBay. There was only one auction there - ten skeins in lava, currently at $37.50US. !!! This is exactly the colour I wanted for my mom, and exactly the right number of skeins! Not to mention currently going for exactly the right price, although I guarantee that will change, since the auction doesn't end for another five days. I'm sure by the time it ends, the price will be far beyond my means, but at the moment the whole thing seems quite meant to be. We shall see.
Catherine Parr sweater for MIL
As usual, work proceeds. I've done another 1.5 inches on the front. With any luck I will be able to start neck shaping today or tomorrow. I've also wound a centre-pull ball of the black wool I'm using for this project, which is far more portable and practical than carting around the big cone.
Stornaway sweater for BIL (cream)
Got lots done last night! I now have fewer than 10 rows to go on the back before the shoulder! I'm so excited! Whee!

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