Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Crap! Somehow I managed to erase this entry from my journal. Well, I remember I talked about being really tired. I also mentioned that during my visit with my parents last night, my mom took me to the apartment of a lady in her building who is an avid knitter and crocheter, well into her 80s, who used to own a yarn store. This lady is now having too much pain in her shoulders and trembling in her hands to continue her crafting ways (and I fervently hope this never happens to me), so she's offloading her supplies and stash, free! Admittedly, the stash wasn't very good - most of it was odds and ends of acrylic. But there was some acrylic nice enough to take home, and I also took away a bunch of needles that will make great additions to my collection. There was also an English or Canadian needle gauge in the tin of supplies which has a 3mm hole! Happy me.

I did manage to save my progress list:

Ljod cardigan for moi
Okay, I didn't actually get any work done on this, but I did fish the project out so my mom could feel it. Boy do I want to get back to this project! The yarn is sooo yummy...
Catherine Parr sweater for MIL
Work continues! I've now got almost 14" done on the front. I'm about ten centimetres away from starting the neck shaping.
Spanish Knight sweater for Mom
She loves the Lavold silky wool. Of course she does - it's the most expensive of all the samples! Argh! But she does really like it. And the lava shade would really look great on her. Sigh. Maybe I'll keep a lookout on eBay. I have a year, after all...

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