Thursday, November 18, 2004

Alright, self, repeat after me: I. Must. Stop. Staying. Up. Late. To. Knit.

Elizabeth I sweater for moi
Finished enough of another project that I was able to free up my 3mm straights last night! I have now begun to do a tension swatch using the cashmere/cotton blend doubled. I'm only a few rows into that, but it looks so far like I'm getting gauge, which is wonderful.
Catherine Parr sweater for MIL
Work continues, as always. I'm now done 17" on the front. Less than 5.5 centimetres to go before I can start shaping!
Stornaway sweater for BIL (cream)
Woo hoo! I finished the back! Now I am all set to start the shoulder straps (yes, the pattern calls for shoulder straps, yay). I do need to fish out some of my other jumper-weight NZ wool so I can start the straps in a contrasting colour, but otherwise I'm all ready to go. Wow. This is really coming along.
Stornaway sweater for BIL (blue)
No progress, but I did have to put all the stitches on a holder to free up my 3mm circular so I could continue work on the cream Stornaway sweater. And that meant getting another feel of the alpaca. I just about melted. Unnnhhh, that stuff is niiiice.

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