Sunday, November 20, 2016

New free pattern

This autumn, my middle daughter, age 9, got re-interested in knitting. I mean, really re-interested. She practiced knitting and purling a whole lot, and concentrated on trying to ramp up her speed. Then she asked what else I could teach her, so I had her do a few cable crosses, which was fun.

I then decided to build on her skills by having her do an honest-to-goodness pattern. I was going for a project that required just basic skills, and small enough that it wouldn't wear out her enthusiasm. So I invented a wee dishcloth pattern for her.

I wrote the instructions in very natural language, so that she wouldn't have to worry about any abbreviations. I also refused to tell her what it was going to look like, so the heart motif in the middle emerged as a surprise. :)

I call it 'Elizabeth's First Pattern', and I made it free on Ravelry so others could enjoy it, too.

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