Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Happy birthday to me

My cousin's baby blanket was finished and sent off in time. I was fairly pleased with it, and it certainly got rave reviews from the various people I showed it to. So I did up a proposal and sent it off in the hopes that they weren't alone in their opinions. :) The baby herself has also arrived, and she's ADORABLE.

Many, many, many other things have been made and started since then!

I used up some of the leftover yarn support for Cervelli by making an Escargot for DD2:

I also started some matching Flappers mittens for her, but they're turning out too big, so I'll probably have to start over.

I finally finished her Pemberley Slippers, too:

(They then almost immediately busted some sort of weird hole, so I probably need to do some darning.)

I made DD3 a Hello Kitty hat for her birthday:

I finished another design prototype and submitted it somewhere, too. (No pictures yet, sorry!)

I felt like making a little something for the daughter of a co-worker (pattern is "Little Red"):

I celebrated DD3's first day of school evar by making her her very own Parfait:

And I channeled my startitis into some good headway on the Christmas knitting. This Tartessos is for DD2's teacher:

This Necksome is for DD3's teacher, made to match the Handsome mittens I made when he was DD2's teacher about four years ago. I just finished it last night:

(I even did a single crochet chain all around it out of the leftover yarn from the mittens. Yep, crochet. Who even am I?)

I started Ignotus Peverell's Cloak for DD1 (it's much more advanced now than the picture shows, but I haven't taken any photos of it lately):

However, I recently discovered Reaverse Star Edition and instantly knew that I should be making that for DD1 for Christmas instead. I have cast on, but haven't taken any photos yet (and realised this week that I had screwed it up anyway, so I'm going to have to re-start).

I'm very close to finishing Sugar Stick for my niece (again, this photo isn't recent and the actual knitting is far more advanced):

So I think I'm in decent shape for the holiday knitting.

But wait, there's more...

I even dug a very old project out of hibernation and made excellent headway on it: the Hillhead slipover I had tried to make for my grandfather before his death. I'm going to give it to my uncle, who is battling cancer. You can't tell from this photo, which was taken shortly after starting the V-neck, but I'm just up to joining the shoulders together now, so it's pretty close to completion.

Some things I started were less virtuous and had nothing to do with upcoming deadlines. For instance, Geek Socks for DD2 out of the considerable leftovers from her Pemberley slippers, which I actually think I'm going to frog in favour of making her some legwarmers for skating class:

When Knitty First Fall came out in the summer, I absolutely HAD to cast on immediately for Dunfallandy:

(Turns out that wasn't so irresponsible after all, though, since my brother has a very close friend who's expecting early next year, so this will probably turn into a gift for that.)

I went queue-diving and started Christine's Stay-On Baby Booties:

I started the Twinkle romper for a family friend who's expecting her second child (don't believe the photo, it's actually quite close to being done):

I started Esther socks out of neon pink yarn for DD1 (haven't taken a picture yet, though).

And finally, I bought the yarn and got started on an Anatolia sweater for my grandmother, who is turning 100 (!!!) in less than three months. She's not in great health so I'm not actually sure it's going to make it to its intended recipient, but of course I'm going to try:

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Keja said...

Happy Belated Z! That's *way* more projects than I have on the go. Here's to getting stuff done for Xmas!