Tuesday, February 17, 2015


KnitPicks recently had a sale and marked down a number of their Barbara Walker stith pattern collection books. I believe I've wiped out all my fun money, but in return I now possess these:

Barbara Walker books

Of course I eventually want to get the third and fourth treasuries, but at least this brings my stitch pattern library up to a respectable level, I think. And that's important.

Today was also my and my husband's fourteenth wedding anniversary (yay!), and part of the reason we've done so well together over those fourteen years is that he knows not to bother getting me dumb (IMHO) things like flowers or jewellery because yarn is something that will always make me happy.

Katia Darling anniversary yarn

That's two balls of Katia Darling in colour #209 - pink and red and purple and orange and yellow and brown. 

I've finished the knitting on my brother's friend's baby blanket (I'm so excited about this design, it came out great!) and am almost done the baby tuxedo cardigan for my co-worker (just need to buy four white buttons and sew them on), so I felt perfectly justified in casting on this afternoon for a Good Day Sunshine mini-shawl:

Good Day Sunshine, in progress

Although I'll probably put it aside pretty soon to start making some serious headway on the blanket design for my cousin's coming baby. In the meantime, though, this is a fun distraction.

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