Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Quite thrilled

I have an eBook!!!


This is 'Flip for the Next Feed', a collection of five double knitted (reversible) baby bibs, which are presented in the book in increasing order of intricacy. The collection starts with 'Zombaby':

Picture of Zombaby pattern

A very straightforward bib in worsted weight yarn, with a zombie on the front and a severed finger on the back (yum).

Next is 'Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock':

Picture of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock pattern

Also straightforward, except with finer gauge (sportweight), which means more stitches. It's got the classic rock, paper, scissors, lizard and Spock hand positions on the front, and glasses on the back.

Things start getting more intricate with 'Pysanka', which was originally published in issue #24 of Knit Now:

Picture of Pysanka pattern

This has designs on the shoulders as well as on the front and back, and has multiple motifs.

Then there's 'Feast Your Eyes':

Picture of Feast Your Eyes pattern

This has no charts, but it does require changing yarn colours on a regular basis, as opposed to just using the same two yarns throughout the bib, as in all the other patterns.

And lastly, the collection finishes off with 'Double the Love':

Picture of Double the Love pattern

This introduces double knitted cables - which honestly, are just the same as regular cables except that you alternate knitting and purling the cabled stitches instead of just knitting them all.

Instructions on the double knitting techniques used in the pattern are explained in the book.

It's my very first pattern collection and I'm really proud of it. :) If you like it too, you can go right ahead and...


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