Thursday, July 04, 2013

Death by grafting

This (laughably short) bit of joining of the ruffled section to the beaded section took about two freakin' hours:

In progress, 2013-07-04

I should add that this two hour total does not include the additional time spent on my first attempt at this (ridiculously complicated) grafting (which was a monumental failure), nor the subsequent undoing of said first attempt (and the undoing included grafting the old white yarn back onto all the live stitches I'd already unravelled it from, so that I would be able to follow its path with the new purple yarn when I started my second attempt).

At this point, the only things saving my will to live from an untimely death are a) this means I don't have to reknit the entire shawl again, including the beaded section; and b) it's looking perfect. Oh, and also, I was able to completely re-knit the ruffle section with only about five yards of variegated yarn to spare, so I'm interpreting this yarn efficiency as a Meaningful Sign that my (insane) choice to graft the ruffle section to the beaded section whilst simultaneously making a line of white "braid" is the right thing to do.

(This blog post right here tells you pretty much everything you need to know about my personality, by the way.)

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