Sunday, February 03, 2013


A group on Ravelry is having a knitalong for my Hat-heel sock pattern! I find this very exciting. :) The group is Swedutch Handcrafts; they're the fan group for the Swedutch Handcrafts Podcast. Annuska, the podcaster, has designated the 'HatHeel2013' tag for all projects for this KAL, so I've been checking that to see how everyone's getting along. It is very cool watching multiple people grow their hat-heel socks all together! I'm pretty jazzed.

Not much more knitting news to tell you about other than that; the baby blanket project is proceeding well, but is about to get shelved because yarn support for two projects is on its way and will hopefully arrive tomorrow. In order to try and mitigate the panic knitting as my three immovable deadlines move closer (two magazine dates plus the baby shower; the latter of which I won't be able to attend, but my mom will, so I'll be sending the blanket along with her), I've reserved a week of vacation from work at the end of February.

Yes, that's right, a panic knitting vacation. Don't judge me.

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Anonymous said...

I can't think of a better reason for a vacation!

PS Love the yarn in the preemie hat