Wednesday, August 01, 2012

On a finishing kick

I just wrapped up a magazine sample project. As usual with these things, I can't spill any meaningful beans, but I don't think it'd be beyond the pale to say that it's another print magazine, which is exciting! The issue won't be coming out for a goodly while, but of course I will make an announcement here when it does. Now I just have to finalize all the written stuff and send off a package to the editor.

And I recently got another acceptance, which thrilled me all to pieces. So far with my 12-in-12 challenge (which I've done 5 of so far) I'm running a 75% acceptance rate for stuff I've heard back from, which I think is pretty excellent! But the new acceptance meant I needed to finish up the sample I'd been working on so that I could photograph it, so I did that today - it just needed some ends woven in.

And as long as I was sewing, I thought I might as well break out the "Miss Dashwood" hat I started working on for DD3 last year. It just needed the earflaps and ties sewn on and the ends woven in, so I did just that:



inside of hat showing the flaps:

Completed, flaps unbuttoned

inside of the hat with the flaps buttoned up out of the way:

Completed, flaps buttoned

hat modelled by a tired and messy-faced DD3:

Completed, 'in action'

I also took more steps towards finishing DD2's "Mythos" cardigan (second attempt). I ran out of yarn as I was approaching the end of the second half, but this wasn't a big deal because, once again, I'd made the sleeves too long. So I cut each sleeve open, unravelled a bunch of rows, and grafted them back together again. Then I grafted the two halves together at the back. And then I blocked it:

In progress, 2012-08-01

Sadly, I'm not remotely done yet. Not only are there a lot of ends to weave in, but I have to sew seams, fold a garter stitch selvedge under and sew it down, and do a bunch of icord (which I may run out of yarn for, aiee). So we'll just have to see how that goes. I may have to do the icord edging in a different colour. Meh, if it happens, it happens. I've got lots of black sock yarn that will look nice as an edge.

No luck finding that mythical thirteenth ball of yarn for DH's Durrow sweater - it's not at my parents' place, it wasn't left at Lettuce Knit, and it didn't roll under my seat in the car. I have gone around the house trying to find all the ball bands, on the theory that if I find all thirteen, I obviously used up all thirteen balls of yarn. Alas, I have only found eleven, so that's desperately inconclusive. So I'm very close to deciding to rip both sleeves back almost to the cast-on and do them again shorter. HOPEFULLY that will do the trick.

I'm trying to get as much done as possible because I've got deadlines popping up all over the place. Most of the deadlines are for proposals that I want to get in, but I do have another sample to do in the next month or so for which, hopefully, the yarn support will be arriving soon. In fact, I should head off now to check the mail again!

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Keja said...

Z. I used exactly that same colour of yarn for socks some time back. Won't be the same dye lot, and I doubt there's a significant amount left, but I can check in my stash when I get home. If you want me to send you the remainder, I can.