Saturday, February 25, 2012

I snapped

We've been having rotten luck with winter hats for DD3 around here. Not to say that we don't have hats, of course. But...well...see for yourself if you can spot the problem.

We have a darling little hat that was a display piece at my LYS, which the owner very, very kindly gifted me with:

Gift hat

We have a scrumptiously elf-like topper that was a fabulous gift from my SIL this winter:

Gift hat

And we have, again by my SIL, a hat she knitted and sent when DD1 was about three, which has a matching poncho, not seen here:

Gift hat

You have surely noticed by now that these hats, although terrific in and of themselves, are all a bit big for DD3's current size. (Next winter they'll be awesome.)

And I am heartily sick of buckling DD3 into the car for a ride and doing my very best to position the hat off of her face, only to have her start crying ten seconds into the drive because the hat has once again slid over her face and made the world disappear.

Therefore, yesterday I grabbed some cream-coloured acrylic sport yarn I got from Zellers ages ago, and whipped up this, which has been in my Ravelry queue for heaven knows how long:

Completed, 'in action', front

Completed, 'in action', side

I adore it, and what's most important, IT FITS BEAUTIFULLY.

Pattern is 'b18-21 Bonnet in rib in "Alpaca"' from DROPS design. I used the smallest size instructions for everything except the height of the face opening, which I extended by a few centimetres so it would be big enough. Also, I dispensed with the crocheted edging around the face opening, and instead used applied i-cord (four stitches) with a twist: seed stitch. I think it worked out great.


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UGH, I miss when my sister was this little and adorable. (still adorable, just not as little anymore.)