Thursday, February 16, 2012

Double the panic, double the fun

So this month, I suddenly found myself with two pieces of deadline knitting, where the deadlines were coming up fast. The good news is, this story has a happy ending - both pieces are done. The highest priority project was a sample piece - I wanted to get it out the door no later than mid-month because I have an irrational fear that the postal service is going to screw up and take forever. And I met that goal. Unfortunately, I can't say more than that - Peyton commented on a previous post that I was such a tease about that sort of thing, and it's true, sorry! Do you find my vague discussion about hush-hush projects annoying? I throw them in there just to give an accurate overall picture of what I'm working on at the moment, but if it's irritating, I can stop. :)

The second project, of course, was the Ljod cardigan for me that I'm making for my husband for our anniversary because he wants to see me in it so badly. Since tomorrow is our anniversary, I had to get it finished by then, and...I have.


I'll post a picture of it on me at some point when I can take one (or get one taken of me). I'll also have to post a close-up shot of the buttons, they're gorgeous.

I'd love to say that it fits perfectly, but unfortunately...I can't. It's a bit too big overall, except at the hips, where it fits very nicely. However, I am optimistic that DH won't mind, especially if I wear it without pants. :D

The thing that does make me nervous is that I've developed a sneaking suspicion over the past few weeks that the thing he's knitting for me is...a Ljod cardigan.


Not that I would mind having two of them, of course! (Especially since I know from seeing the yarn he's been using that they wouldn't be the same colour at all.) What I am nervous about is that he might get really disappointed and let down by the duplicate gift. What would be even worse is if it's a duplicate gift and he doesn't manage to finish his tonight - he's been panic knitting for a while now and, as I type, is camped out in the living room (which I am totally not allowed to enter anymore) frantically knitting, with occasional trips down to the basement, at which point I hear running water (I'm guessing he's blocking stuff).

I wonder if I could convince him that a well-rested husband and half-finished garment would be preferable to me on our anniversary than a tired, barely functional husband and completed garment...

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Peyton said...

Nah, it's fine ;) just teasing you back, Haha, it's exciting!

That cardigan is beautiful by the way, plus if you have two colors, you can wear more things with them! THINK OF THE IMPLICATIONS.

Peyton (aka theflamingnarwhal on ravelry, if you wanna put a face with the name)