Saturday, February 04, 2012

Cautiously optimistic

I should never have opened my big mouth and said that I was going okay on the right front of my Ljod cardigan. Because very shortly after I did that, I discovered that I had to rip back about forty rows and do a lot of the bust shaping again because the pattern hadn't been clear about when to start the neck shaping. (Including the words "at the same time" in the pattern MIGHT HAVE BEEN HELPFUL. I'm just saying.)

However, I finally managed to finish the darn piece and got started on the sleeves, which I'm doing two at a time to avoid the agonies of second sleeve syndrome. (Not to mention ensuring that my shaping is the same for both sleeves.) There are some errata that I will have to consult for the sleeves, but I've skimmed them briefly and I don't have to worry about them until I'm much further along. Here is how all the pieces looked earlier today:

In progress, 2012-02-04

The sleeves are slightly farther along now, but I have re-hidden the project so my husband won't see it when he comes home from his shift, which ends in about fifteen minutes.

I've also made some more headway on that new design I blogged about a few posts ago. It's knitting up fast and I'm fairly pleased with it. I'm not sure exactly how I want it to look when I'm done, but I was kind of winging it when I started it, so I might as well wing it the whole way through.

Also, I have some great news that I can't share yet. But stay tuned; in a few months, you won't be able to stop me from talking about it. :)

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Peyton said...

Oh how you tease us!!!

Kidding, (mostly) the cardigan looks great, seems like you have a good chance of finishing it before your anniversary!