Friday, December 23, 2011

Yes, I am insane

I'm actually thinking about next year's Christmas knitting.

  • For my dad: a grey Morgan. DD2's teacher's one turned out so nice this year, and my mom loved it when I showed it to her - she said my dad would love one, and she suggested grey, to match his winter coat.I have to agree with her that it's totally my dad's style.

  • For my BILs: sweaters: same pattern, but different colours.

  • DD2: I might finish that hexagon blanket I started this year. I would be making an effort to get it finished sooner, but I had incredible luck at Value Village earlier this week and found a white eyelet bedskirt for $4.99 and a white brocade-ish bedspread for $9.99, both twin size. So the immediate urgent need for bedclothes for DD2 has been filled, or rather, it will be when she opens them up as one of her gifts on Christmas morning. But I still want to make her the one I started - it can be the blanket she uses in the warm seasons, or something.

  • DH: I might actually get silly and make him the Dwarven Battle Bonnet.

  • Any or all of DD1, DD3 and my niece might get fun cardigans, too.

But for now, I am greatly enjoying going back to knitting things that are absolutely 100% NOT Christmas knitting. Like this:

In progress, 2011-12-23, white side

In progress, 2011-12-23, red side

It's a bib for a co-worker whose wife is expecting. Guess what he's a big fan of?

Plus there's some other fun stuff being planned for submission purposes.

Of course, all this might go to hell depending on what I get for Christmas. :) It's sooo nice knowing I can give in to Startitis if I want to!

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