Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Being responsible

Astonishingly, I'm continuing to prioritize the priority stuff.

Ruby for DD1
This came out of my closet yesterday for the first time in quite a while and saw some good progress. You can't tell, because I've never posted a picture of it before, but it is coming along nicely:

In progress, 2011-10-04

Yarn measurement sample
I've got a submission in somewhere that will probably need to be turned around super-fast if it gets (fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes crossed!) accepted, so I'm trying to get a jumpstart on that by getting the write-up as close to complete as possible and by figuring out how much yarn each size will take. So I'm doing up a fast sample using some acrylic from the stash. I don't have nearly enough to finish the whole thing, but I should have enough to a) satisfy myself that the garment will work nicely (and so far, oh my goodness, it is, I'm very pleased); and b) be quite precise about yarn requirements.

Unfortunately, I recently realised I'd screwed up two rows back. Sigh. That's gonna be a lot of tinking.

Twin blanket for DD2
Got hexagon #26 finished, and #27 started. Woohoo.

Holiday present for DD1's teacher
It has been reported by my eldest that her teacher's favourite colour is red, and that she likes murder mysteries. Now, I'm not sure how I can work the murder mystery thing into a knitted gift, but I can definitely run with that red thing. With any luck, this can be the project that uses up the rest of the lovely red Cascade 220 in my stash. I've been thinking of a cowl, since apparently she has a class full of rowdies and she has to raise her voice a lot and her voice, consequently, gives out on a regular basis. So it would be nice if she had something to keep her throat nice and protected from the cold, I think. I expect I shall soon sit down with DD1 and do a very precise Ravelry search for something nice.

Oh, and also...

2011-10-04: Alia and Maryam

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