Sunday, September 11, 2011

Just yer average knitting progress post

Secret sample
Photo shoot and pattern write-up are donedoneDONE! Still can't show you anything until it's published, though, and it has to be reviewed before it can be published, and I have to send in the sample piece and a signed contract before it can be reviewed. But I'm definitely moving along.

Twin blanket for DD2
The long slog continues - I got hexagon #20 done and got #21 started.

This pattern has intrigued me for a while now. Last night I thought, what the heck, and got it started just for fun, after grabbing some leftovers in the stash. I have no idea whom this will be for, and certainly the two colours are not very contrasty, but I still think it'll turn out very nicely. This brioche stitch thing is very new to me and I like how it's going so far, even if I haven't done much...

green side showing:
In progress, green side, 2011-09-11

beige side showing:
In progress, beige side, 2011-09-11

Miss Dashwood for DD3
As I knew I would, I ripped out the first version I made and got started again with a smaller size. I decided to go with the smallest size (0-3 months) instead of the second smallest size (3-6 months) that I was originally thinking about re-doing it in, because my first attempt (6-12 months) fit my eight-year-old.

It didn't take long to make all the pieces:

In progress, 2011-09-11

And looking at it, I think it is small enough that it will probably fit DD3 next summer. Hooray! Now I just have to get off my heinie and sew all the pieces together.

Oh, and also...

2011-09-11: Three sisters

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