Friday, September 16, 2011

The goose is getting fat

There are 100 days left until Christmas. This means I'm now officially starting to freak out about all the knitting.

To that end, on Sunday I hit the LYS and picked up yarn for my older BIL's hat. I'm using my own KWB/TSF hat pattern (all profits from the sales of which, incidentally, go to Médecins Sans Frontières), which calls for a DK weight yarn, and because my BIL is bald (partly via nature, partly via razor), I wanted something very soft and very warm. June (the shop owner) did a fantastic job of finding possibilities for me. I ended up going with Filatura Di Crosa "Zara", in a blue; and StahlSche Wolle "Merino Superfine", in a grey. I cast on on Monday, and so far we have this:

grey side:
In progress, grey side, 2011-09-15

blue side:
In progress, blue side

I have many other Christmas projects planned, but getting this far this fast on one of them is at least a good start, I think.

As well, my "secret sample project" should be available for public consumption within the next few weeks, and I think I'm up to 22 full hexagons on DD2's blanket project. So things are ticking along!

I also realised I've been remiss in that I haven't thanked everyone who has left congratulatory commments about my newest daughter's birth, or complimentary comments about the photos of her that I've been posting. So...thank you! Fussiness aside, she's wonderful and we're all completely crazy about her over here. Here's a sample of why:

2011-09-15: Maryam montage

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