Saturday, August 20, 2011

Drops in the bucket

This week, I was working exclusively on my sample piece, which I've been making really good headway on, having gone through three of the five balls of yarn that I think will be needed. But this weekend, I've also been working on something else, sort of baby-related, but not exactly.

You see, for a few days now, DD2's room has been painted, and all the new furniture moved in. (Consequently, I've been able to make the nursery ready for the baby, which is awesome.) Here are some shots of DD2's new room earlier in the week, when we hadn't yet brought up the desk or the second bureau, or stuck any of the decorative butterflies she got for her birthday on the wall. But you'll get the general idea:

accent wall:
Elizabeth's new room, accent wall

bed and night tables:
Elizabeth's new room, bed corner

night light/bureau wall:
Elizabeth's new room, bureau wall

As you can see, the wall colours (chosen by the girl herself) are very pretty, but the room definitely needs more voom. We're working on figuring out curtains, but one thing that will really help is an honest-to-goodness bedspread. (That star afghan my mom crocheted for her birthday is an excellent accent, but it doesn't exactly cover the whole bed, as you can see.)

What I would really like to get her is this quilt, but it's vastly beyond my budget, unfortunately. (Which is certainly not to say that I don't think it's worth the price - a handmade quilt should absolutely be quite expensive; it's just that, sadly, I can't hack expensive.) So, since bedding reconnaissance trips to various stores and searches on Kijiji yielded no joy, I instead went looking for knitting patterns. (Of course.) I suggested Kim Salazar's Mountain Laurel Crib Counterpane (with rather more hexagons than the original pattern specifies to make it the right size), and DD2 really liked that idea. We're going with white, with some kind of purple edging. I was thinking a lace border, but then I was trawling through one of Nicky Epstein's edging books and found a verrry cute textured butterflies motif that I could probably make work really well. (Final decision on the edging, of course, to be made by the blanket's recipient.)

So I got started. Based on the size of the first hexagon I made...

In progress, 2011-08-20: one hexagon

...I'll need 94 hexagon pieces, 10 half-hexagon pieces, and 20 edge triangle pieces.

Thus far, I've made a grand total of...five hexagon pieces.

In progress, 2011-08-20

Whew. This is going to be a pretty long haul.

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