Monday, June 27, 2011

Zero-to-sixty in two seconds on the panic-ometer

Remember this?

In progress, 2011-05-08

The cardigan I was designing/knitting for a co-worker due around the same time as me?

Well, since there was just sooo much time left before her baby got here, and because I was really just using it as a test knit anyway, probably...I frogged it about two weeks ago to make my friend his tartan birthday socks:


And that seemed like a pretty good decision.

Until today.

Today I found out that my co-worker's shower (for which I have absolutely bubkus on the needles at the moment, see frogging story above) is next Tuesday.

And here I am with no yarn and an uncompleted pattern design.

So screwed. So, so screwed.

Maybe I can make it to the yarn store tomorrow before they close...

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