Monday, May 23, 2011

And another thing...

A month ago, I posted about two finished projects I'd done during charity nights at my LYS. Well, someone saw the projects on Ravelry, liked what they saw, and PMed me asking for the pattern. So, even though both the hat and the scarf were totally improvised, I used my memory and the photographs I'd taken of them to try and redact what I'd done. Having done that, I wrote up the patterns.

I think I got them fairly right. I can't guarantee that my yarn requirements are accurate, or that the finished measurements are right. Also, they only come in one size. But it's a very simple pattern and I think most people can muddle through the inaccuracies. At any rate, I'm making it available totally free. I call it the "Feather-and-Fan Set". (I know, how gripping and original, eh?)

If you're interested, you can get more information by following the link for it in the "My Designs" section on the left, or just go right ahead and...


I'm hoping to eventually work out some matching mittens as part of this set. If I ever do, I'll definitely update the pattern write-up. Ravelry (which houses my free patterns) has a feature whereby you receive an automated message whenever a pattern PDF you've downloaded gets updated, so feel free to download it now if you like, and then if I ever end up adding a mitten pattern to it later, you'll be notified so you can go back in and grab the update.

(Wow. Two patterns published in one weekend. I'm feeling almost giddy with the putting-myself-out-there-ness of it all. ;)

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