Sunday, March 06, 2011

Churning stuff out

Thanks very much for the congratulations in the comments! Our two daughters are extremely excited. The oldest was completely surprised at the news and squee'ed like crazy. The little one was also very happy when we told her, but not actually surprised. You see, for some time now, she has had it in her head that becoming a "big girl" is not truly possible until she becomes a big sister. (Much as her own big sister did when she was almost four.) So our little one has been convinced for some months now that she would be presented with a baby brother or sister at any moment, simply because her fourth birthday is coming up. :)

(I should add that if this new baby gets the same idea into its head as it approaches age four, it will be sorely disappointed. :)

Anyway, back to the knitting...I've been quite productive lately, despite choosing to sleep instead of knit on many of my morning commutes.

Firstly, I finished my Quadrat sweater last weekend:

Completed (blurry shot)

Yeah, I moved my arms just as DH took the shot. At which point the camera battery died, and I haven't gotten him to take another since. So please excuse the sleeve blurriness. The sweater itself is terrific, I love it. And it's loose enough around the middle that it should fit me for a few months yet.

Also last weekend, I started a hat that DH had requested. It's my own fundraising pattern for Doctors without Borders, and he chose two colours of Cascade 220. The pattern calls for DK weight, but I ended up getting very close to gauge with the worsted, so off I went. By Wednesday, it was done.

Completed, yellow side

Completed, green side

He loves it. Every time he puts it on to go out, he gets this blissed-out look on his face. :) Of course, he's probably got about four more days to wear it before the weather gets too warm for it, but he's happy, so it's all good.

And finally, this evening, I finished the knitting on my friend's Undergrowth hat. I still have to weave in the ends, but from the outside it looks pretty good:

In progress, 2011-03-06

If it does not cover the liner properly, I will be crushed. However, this makes an excellent excuse to have my friend over for dinner soon. :)

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