Thursday, June 17, 2010

The pretty

The shawl I wrote about yesterday is now completely done! And further to the nice things I said about the yarn in that post, there was no colour bleeding. I'm serious...none. No blue-tinged water dripping from my hands as I squeezed the piece out after a full-on soak. No colour wash-off on the white blocking towel. Zippo. And look at the colour in these shots! This stuff is seriously colour-fast.

artistic shot

Completed, on floor
lying flat

Completed, base detail
detail of the base pattern

Completed, nupp section detail
detail of nupp section

Completed, edge detail
detail of the edge motif

Excellent! End-of-school-year teacher gift taken care of, well ahead of time.

Now I just need to knit two man-size socks for my dad by Sunday. Arg...

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Moon Torbett said...

gorgeous work on the shawl.
By the way, it's just seven more hours 'til Fathers' Day . . . how are ya comin' along on them socks?

Sending you coffee and candybar wishes (for knitting fuel),