Saturday, June 19, 2010

The countdown

So Moon very kindly served me up virtual coffee and candybars for energy, and wanted to know, with just hours to go before Father's Day begins, how I was coming along on the socks for my dad?

Well, very fortunately, I won't actually be seeing my dad until tomorrow afternoon, so I have much more time than it might have first appeared. And also, they are coming along quite fine, thanks lots. The first sock is complete and the heel and foot of the second sock are done, I just need to knit up the leg.

The socks themselves are my usual plain hat heel pattern, except I improvised a bit of cabling at the top of the legs to make it more special:

In progress, 2010-06-19 (sock #1 complete)

That's my husband modelling - he's got a touch longer foot than my dad, and indeed the sock is a touch snug on him (as planned), so I'm expecting it to fit the intended recipient really well.

Incidentally, my husband is also getting socks from me tomorrow, but I completed them a few weeks back, so no worries there. I still have to wrap them though. Rats. Maybe I'll sneak off before breakfast tomorrow...

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Liz of Wool Boutique said...

How long does it usually tak you to knit up a pair of socks? I'm wondering whether i'm a slow poke :(