Saturday, February 06, 2010

What can I say

When your knitting blog is pretty much all about your knitting projects; and when your knitting projects are all baby shower items to be gifted to someone who might just read your's hard to find anything to say!

Shower was today, though, and I was very happy to give the following items to a lady who's waited a very long time to become a mum. I'm so happy for her.

Pinwheel cardigan
This is a really fun pattern. It's free, from, and it's very cool because it can be worn upside-down or right-side up. When a baby is small, it can be worn with sleeves rolled and the long end up so that there can be a hood; and when the baby grows into a child, it can be worn with the sleeves unrolled and the long end down so that the top is just a turned-over collar. Awesome stuff.

Completed, back view
Back view

Completed, front view, baby size
Front view, baby size

Completed, front view, child size
Front view, child size

I did a lot of stash busting, mostly doubling up sportweight yarn since the pattern calls for worsted. I used eight different yarns: vibrant turquoise, royal blue, royal purple, lavender, pale lavender, baby pink, white, and - for the edging - white with metallic sparkliness in it.

I had it all finished well in advance of the shower, but then last week, my six-year-old decided to try it on my will-be-three-years-old-in-April, and the sleeves were the right size when rolled up. (And we're talking really, really rolled up.) So I ripped back about two and a half inches off the sleeves.

The mom seemed to think it was pretty cool, so I'm very happy.

Winnie-the-Pooh snuggle blanket
The mum is a massive Winnie-the-Pooh fan and the nursery colour scheme is - according to her registry - pink. So I thought this would be perfect:


I used two free patterns for the motifs: Happy Hunny Bear, by Amy-lynne Mitchell; and rumbly tummy bear, by Sharman Cherry. I separated them out with seed stitch and put seed stitch around the borders, too. I'm super-happy with how it turned out. It was even a stashbuster! I've had a huge whack of soft pink Softball Cotton for about five and a half years, and it was PERFECT for this. So very cuddly.

I then came home and cast on for the Baby Surprise Jacket. I bought the pattern from my LYS quite some time ago and have been itching to make it. I'm about two inches in - can't wait to see how it shapes up.

In other news, I'm going to give the 2010 Ravelympics a shot. D'you think I can pull off the Paisley Long Shawl in a little over two weeks? I guess we'll find out!

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Liz of Wool Boutique said...

Ahh, some of those patterns are lovely. I have trouble finding sweater patterns that i really like but some of those are great! The pinwheel cardi looks so cute for babies!