Friday, September 18, 2009

But what have I done lately

So, back to the current knitting line-up. There are still a bunch of pairs of hat-heel socks to show you (about seven, if I'm counting correctly), but the foot parade is going to have to wait because I haven't taken more pictures yet of any of the socks (with one exception, see below).

Testing socks for DD2
Some weeks ago, I was going back and forth with the sock patterns editor at Knitty to come up with the final version of my pattern for the issue. We were making adjustments, mostly in terms of how the instructions were worded, but then she thought it would be best if I made a certain change in the instructions themselves. I wasn't sure if it would work structurally, but I told her I'd do some test socks over the weekend to see. I grabbed the yarn I had left over from the model I made for my Leafy Baby Poncho pattern, and made this pair, in the toddler size for my younger daughter. To my surprise and delight, the change resulted in an even better sock! (So thank you again, Kate.)

However, since I was in a rush to get the testing part over and done with so we could finish finalising things, I didn't bother to do any finishing on the socks. All the ends were still hanging out at the back. This week, though, I got on that, and have done a few ends here and there. Hopefully I'll finish this up soon so DD2 can have some new socks. But right now, they look like this:

In progress, 2009-09-18

Cabled ruby anniversary scarf for Dad
I was a little burned-out from trying to do this from start to finish in just a few hours, so I ignored it for awhile before getting back to it earlier this week. I finished the knitting at my parents' place on Tuesday evening. DH couldn't believe it was done already. But of course, it's not done done, as there are ends to weave in and it should be blocked. But I held it up for my dad to see, and he liked it. I asked him if he wanted fringe and he said no pretty emphatically, which I was pretty happy about because hey, who likes doing fringe, right? But then my brother said that he thought it needed fringe, and DH said that he had put fringe on the version he did for me, so my dad caved (he has no spine when it comes to fashion) and asked for fringe. So now I have to do fringe. In retaliation, I may have thrown my brother and husband looks of death. Sadly, it achieved nothing.

Celtic knotwork baby blanket
This has been proceeding pretty well, although, as predicted, I did have to go back and buy more yarn. (Curses.) All the main knitting is now done, though, and I'm in the process of sewing the borders onto the main body of the blanket. Here's the blanket clipped in place to one of the borders, awaiting the completion of a seam:

In progress, 2009-09-18

I'm thinking about finishing the whole thing off with a ridge or two of garter stitch around the entire edge once all the borders are on. But first I'll see how it looks when the borders are all sewn; then I'll make a decision.

Mi Escuelita for Devangi
This is my "reward" project right now. Do you ever have those? Projects that you really like working on, but you've got other stuff that you should be working on, so, as a treat for making some progress on the "should" projects, you work a bit on your "reward" project? Well, that's what's happening right here. I don't know why this project is jazzing me so much, it's very simple knitting. Maybe it's the colour. Maybe it's the knowledge that it's going to look really cool. Maybe it's the desire to see the ropes of cables grow taller. I don't know. But I know what I like!

In progress, 2009-09-18

I just finished up the first ball on the train this morning. I was worried about not having enough yarn - the pattern calls for seven 50g balls and I have seven 50g balls, but my 50g balls have much less yardage in them than the 50g balls used in the pattern. However, based on how far I've gotten with one ball, I don't think I'll have any problems finishing. (Of course, now that I've said that, the knitting goddesses will likely smite me with yarn insufficiency just to teach me a lesson for arrogance.)

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Carrie K said...

Maybe because it's not something you're supposed to be working on? Whatever the reason, awesome cables!