Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wild celebration

The April, 2008 issue of MagKnits is up, aaand...

Both the model and the pattern are my babies! :)

(The chart labels and symbol key appear to be missing, though. I've let the editor know, so hopefully they'll be up soon. If it helps, the charts are there in order, and the symbols I used are hopefully pretty universal.)

I'm really excited!

For your viewing pleasure,here are some pictures of what all the different sizes look like. (Each size uses a slightly different combination/repetition of the motifs, so I figured this might be helpful.)

3 months

6 months

12 months

18 months

24 months

Descriptions of recent knitting, the Yarn Harlot's book launch, and a chart sample in answer to Carrie K's question in my last post are forthcoming. I have been alive and knitting, I swear. In fact, I've been on a hat jag. So stay tuned!


Emily said...

Congrats on the pattern! It's super cute.

It was great to see you last night!

Aven said...

Fabulous! Congratulations! That's such a great picture -- so incredibly adorable!

Sisterly Knits said...

Uber cute! :D And look at the expression on that baby's face, completely priceless. I thought she was a doll for a moment...

Carrie K said...

Wow, what beautiful babies!!!

The J said...

Yeah!!!! And what a great pattern! (The cuteness goes without saying ;)).