Thursday, July 19, 2007


I had to bail out of yesterday's sock knitting class because of a blocked duct. Actually, I'm never sure whether what I get (I got it with DD1 a few times, so I'm unfortunately quite familiar with the drill by now) is a blocked duct or mastitis. It always comes with fever and lethargy, which you're not supposed to have with a blocked duct, but it always resolves within a day or two without antibiotics, and my symptoms are never as totally horrible as I understand they're supposed to be when you have mastitis. So who knows. Either way, it means pain, fever, body aches and enervation, and it ain't much fun. However, apparently some of the needles that the students would have needed for the second class weren't in yet anyway, and the shop was very understanding of my human frailties, so it seems to be okay that I couldn't make it. We'll take up next week where we left off last week.

(But I'm still POed. I was really looking forward to more teaching!)

My debilitation and DH's current busy schedule have kind of left DD1 at loose ends, so she's had to play by herself a lot. Recently she discovered the joy of building with blocks, and she insisted on constantly building and re-building a 'horse store' (you know, where you buy supplies for horseriding...although sometimes she pretends to buy horses there, too). Well, this morning I came down for breakfast and was exhorted to see the latest horse store that had been built. Then DD1 said, "Now, I'm going to make a yarn store!"

Be still my beating heart. I'm so proud. DH immediately wanted to go find a whole bunch of yarn ends to wind up as mini-skeins so she could have 'real yarn' to sell in her yarn store.

I'm corrupting my entire family! This is GREAT!

Being under the weather has meant a considerable drop in knitting productivity, but a few things have been getting done.

Cotton lace doily
Done! Blocked it out on Tuesday morning (132 pins - 4 in the middle and 128 around the edge - DD1 was extremely impressed with such a high number):

It was dry before DH came home in the afternoon. I wove in the ends, and I think it looks awesome:


close-up of centre

close-up of petal

closeup of background

DH says that people who see this at the shop will either swarm the laceweight cotton because they'll want to make it, or will shun the laceweight cotton because they're intimidated at hell. I'm obviously hoping for the former!

Baby jacket
I made a teeny bit of progress on this - the right front is done and I'm working on the back.

Tubey for moi
Another victim of my health-related downtime, I don't think I even have an inch of the body ribbing done yet. But things should pick up soon now that I seem to be on the mend.


Elaine said...

oh geez!!! that sounds terribly painful and just terrible!
i'm glad to hear you are doing better now and that the lys was so understanding.
and that is so cute how dd1 and dh are getting into the 'yarn store' playtime!!! mini-skeins of yarn are just too cute! :o)
take care!

Carrie K said...

The doily blocked out beautiful. Yuck about the blocked duct! Yay about the yarn store of blocks!

Blocked is right. Blocked cubed, eh?