Wednesday, May 03, 2006

There's a turn up ahead

Houston, we are approaching heels.

Black socks for Dad

(my goodness, that's phallic)

Self-patterning socks #2 for DH

And speaking of socks, I promised a visual comparison of just how much my continental gauge has tightened up, so here we go. Same hand is pictured both times. Same number of stitches on the needles.

My first continental sock:

My second continental sock: Whoops. Sorry. A current continental sock:


Moving on...

Stornaway sweater for DH
This is what it looked like last night:

However, I worked on it on the subway today and all through my lunch, and now I have about two and a half inches done on the main pattern. It's looking lovely, and the lambswool feels fantastic all knitted up. (I may have mentioned that already in a previous blog entry, but I don't care. It bears repeating because it really does feel nice. I'm so excited about the prospect of giving DH this sweater!)

Garden Shawl for MIL
I've now completed 166 rows on the body of this thing. Each row really feels like a big slog now. Even the last one, which was all knit stitches, went on and on longer than I thought it should. Then I figured out that I'm at about 800 stitches per row and the slog factor started to make sense. 800 stitches!!! (Even more frightening is the prospect of ending up with about 950 stitches by the end of it all. Aiee.)

Scarf for DH
At last, at LAST, I got DD to help me knit a stitch on this last night. She put the needle through the stitch and wound the yarn around the needle (all with a decent amount of help from me, of course, but still, she did a fair bit on her own, too). I completed the stitch, and - voilĂ ! - I can say to DH that DD truly did help to make this thing.

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Carrie K said...

I believe I remember someone mentioning the "impossibly worse" stage of shawl knitting?

That is a big difference in gauge! Are you sure your hand didn't inexplicably shrink several sizes? No? Just became more comfortable with the method.