Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I don't think I was warm all friggin' day.

First - my bad - I left my gloves at home. I was too paranoid about missing the shuttle bus to the GO station that I didn't go back for them. A mistake - I had lots of time before the bus came. Time enough for my hands to get nice and cold.

Once I got to the station, the train was nowhere to be seen. This was odd - usually it's there waiting by the time the shuttle bus pulls in. Not today, of course, because my gloves were at home. So I froze my heinie off until it showed up. Once on board, it soon became clear that the train, unusually again, was unheated.

Once downtown, the room I spent my day in (I'm on training today and tomorrow) was also cold and I had my coat over my lap for most of the day. Finally, on the bus coming home I happened to sit in the only spot on the bus where my hands would get the cold blast from the open window (a fact I only learned after the bus started moving and it would have been really inconvenient to switch seats).

My poor little hands. When I started typing this entry, I'd been home for about half an hour and they were still stiff and freezing. Since my pregnancy I've been much more relaxed than I used to be about parts of me getting cold, except that I still hate it when it's my hands which suffer. It sucks trying to knit with cold hands, lemme tell you.

Minnesota Mitts for DH
These actually saw some knitting action today! The pinky finger on mitt #1 is finished and I've started on the ring finger.

Self-patterning socks for DH
Done! My first pair of socks of the year.

I will of course be sending word of this over to 200Sox!

Now, all I have to do is hide them from my husband for four more months. Wish me luck.

Self-patterning socks for moi
Knitting continues - I'm a few rows away from starting the heel of sock #2.

Dress socks for DH
These got started on the bus ride home today. I had decided that this would be my first all-continentally-knitted project...except for the cast-on. (I still felt I needed to do that with my right hand in charge.)

It has been going scads better than I thought it would. For some reason, I'm much more comfortable (and fast!) with continental using smaller needles and thinner yarn than when I was with all my practice pieces (which, as you have probably surmised, used big needles and thicker yarn). Moreover, the toe looks sooo much better than the toes I made knitting English-style, and I can't see any laddering:

I think this is because my gauge is looser with continental. Regardless, I'm ridiculously happy about how it's going. It is super-fast, I can barely believe how fast I do the stitches once I get going! My only complaint is that the yarn seems to be a tad splitty. :(

PS - Recently while sorting through old baby clothes, I came across this sweater which I'd made for some friends of ours who then were ridiculously generous and gave us all their old baby clothes after their daughter outgrew them. So now the project page has some pictures.

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