Sunday, December 11, 2005

In the wrong headspace

So after all that buildup, you'd think that the first blog post I made after the launch would be, you know, about the launch.

Sadly, no.

This is because I had my launch-describing post all written up, and...the computer ate it. I am too embarrassed to describe exactly how, but suffice it to say that I am not completely blameless for the loss. I am, however, still mad about it and am not yet in the right mental state to contemplate rewriting the damn thing. (Although the upshot of it was certainly that I had a great time.) Stay tuned.

On the plus side, I've taken more photos of my BIL's completed Stornaway sweater:


pattern detail

detail of how the shoulder strap extends into the sleeve

I have one more photo that I want to take (i.e. modelled by my husband) and then I can wrap the sweater and put it under the tree!

Fafner blanket for baby Muth
The second side is finished and I am turning the third corner. I may yet finish this in my lifetime.

Cape Cod sweater for MIL
My DH is entirely unhelpful. I revealed my yarn shortage concerns to him, and my solution for coping with it (making a short-sleeved sweater instead of a long-sleeved one), and asked whether he thought his mother would wear a short-sleeved sweater.

"Maybe," he replied, with just the right amount of pessimism and wishy-washy-ness in his tone to make me want to kill him.

On the plus side, the second sleeve is coming along nicely.

Persian Tiles shawl for Grandma
I brought this project to my mom's yesterday to show her how it was coming along, and managed to get another row or two done while I was there. She was impressed. I am still loving the project like crazy.

(Oh, and Kelly, thanks for the link to the Doe Lake website! I took a look at the campground map and am sure we were at the Bella Coola area, next to Little Eye. I distinctly remember that we all decided we hated the Little Eye campers like poison and changed around some of the lyrics to our cheer songs in order to insult them - for example, instead of ending off with "Bella Coola/Bella Coola/can't be beat!" we sang "Little Eye/Little Eye/have big feet!" Don't ask me why I remember such minute details. It's not like the week was an incredibly enjoyable experience for fact, I don't think I was ever so cold, skeeter-bitten and miserable in my entire life. Perhaps my brain chooses to remember traumatic events from my past with crystal clarity instead of blocking them out? Further proof that I am just weird.)


Aven said...

Stornaway looks truly great. Your BIL is going to be thrilled.

And good luck with the yarn issue...who knows, maybe it will all just work out magically... that's my approach, anyway.

Mrs. M. said...

It was indeed Bella Coola, and I have been haunted by similar minute details for years. I was secretly jealous of Little Eye because their campsite seemed cosier and more well-treed, whereas Bella Coola was more like a large, bleak battlefield.

A long week, that was.