Sunday, November 13, 2005

Perils of knitting

Saturday morning, DD had finished her breakfast and was playing in another room. I had eaten my own breakfast and was just finishing up my Sudoku puzzle when I heard a plaintive toddler voice from the living room calling for help:

"I'm covered in yarn! I can't move!"

I hastened to the living room, certain that I would find DD had overturned one of my baskets and was buried, flailing and smothering, in Silky Wool and alpaca.

Fortunately, no.

What had happened was that she'd gotten a strand of yarn looped around her ankle and was dragging it with her as she walked (something I'm sure we've all done at some point or other). This apparently constitutes being 'covered in yarn'.

Her choice of words to express what was going on (and spoken with her damn cute little voice) struck my funny bone so hard, I really haven't stopped laughing since. :)

Spreading the word

Today I went to a little knitting get-together that was really more like a knitting lesson. A number of us from an online community I hang around in decided to get together to teach people how to knit - I and one other woman would be the teachers, and anyone who was just starting or felt they wanted help were welcome to come along. I had a very pleasant time, and was very impressed with the other 'teacher'. She had super-helpful handouts prepared and a gorgeous home. Unfortunately, what with sudden problems/work assignments cropping up in the lives of those who wanted to come, we only had one student, but she was an extremely able student and it was a very nice afternoon, despite the low turnout.

Cape Cod sweater for MIL
This week's target goal is FINISHED, as of this morning - I'm done with the back. Even better news, I'm already several rows into next week's goal of finishing most of the front:

Fafner blanket for baby Muth
The centre panel is complete, including the dragon's head on the cabling (although I still have to sew that in place):

It actually is a square piece, you just can't tell because of all the curling at the sides.

Next up: the edging. This is going to be very interesting because it will use the technique of knitting around corners, which I haven't done yet. But I understand it's just a variation on short rows, so I don't think it will be tough.

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kelly said...

Ooh knitting around corners with short rows? Where did you come across that technique? Sounds nifty!