Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Things that piss me off

First of all, I have been checking the Chapters/Indigo website daily to see whether the Yarn Harlot's new book is in stock yet. I was kind of concerned because a few days ago, the shipping information went from '6-8 weeks' to 'temporarily unavailable to order'. (A bad omen.) Today I called up their World's Biggest Bookstore outlet to see when they expected copies (yes, I recently called their Eaton's Centre store to find out the same I am stalking the sue me). I was told that the release was delayed. They have no idea when they're getting copies. I am so mad. Especially when it's already out in the States! AUGH!

Fair isle romper for baby Marte
DH fortunately was able to return the un-needed four balls of white yarn. The piss-off was that the store had no yellow.

Anyway, I picked this up last night, hoping to get in a few rows before bedtime. As I worked, I was looking at the emerging left front and thinking about how it would all come together. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks - I had made a SERIOUS error in the shaping of the back. The stupidity of this error is so bad that I cannot bring myself to confess it in a public forum. Suffice it to say that it is far more serious than merely having to add another 1.75" inches to the back. Oh no, no, no...I am going to have to frog almost the entire back, right down to the leg join. All that beautiful fair isle...gone.

Faced with the sick certainty of this new knowledge, I lost the heart to continue. I put the knitting down and went to bed.

Stornaway sweater for BIL (blue)
This project is so far (knock wood) not conforming to the theme of the day. It is completely failing to piss me off. It looks terrific. Here is the completed neck ribbing, which I haven't posted a picture of before:

And here is what the sleeve looked like this morning before I left for work:

It's bigger now.

So help me, I actually sat down and did the math. I figured each sleeve will have about 23,500 stitches in it, and I've done about 11,800 so far. This puts me halfway towards sleeve completion, even though it doesn't look it. (If that statement confuses you, know that the sleeves are tapered. Therefore, the first nine-or-so inches of the sleeve take much longer to do than the second nine-or-so inches.) This means that I am now at the point where I should have been on Sunday night...which means I'm catching up to The Schedule. I may not be able to finish the whole sleeve by Sunday, but it will be pretty close.

(Don't think I don't know that the universe will take revenge upon my presumption for having said that.)

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