Monday, September 12, 2005

Fantasy vs. reality

A.k.a., "How badly I'm sucking at keeping to my knitting schedule." Let's take a look, shall we?

Fair isle romper for baby Marte
Fantasy: The Schedule says that by last night, I was to have finished the back of the romper and one of the fronts.

Reality: The first front is less than half done - I've only just finished the leg. However, at least I had the back finished...or so I thought. As I was working through the math for the first front, I realised that, thanks to a moment of true boneheadedness, I had stopped the back 1.75" short of where it was supposed to be. Well done.

There's nothing like a crappy moment of knitting error horror to ruin a good mood. I'd even been thinking that I'd be able to do the whole romper with just two balls of the main colour (yellow), since I'd "finished the back" and the leg of the first front and still hadn't run out of the first ball. But no.

DH's task list for today involves a lot of shopping, so he planned to return the four balls of white that I bought when I thought I would be making a white romper, and at the same time, buy me a third ball of the yellow (very nice man). However, I received a call from him at the store to tell me that since I originally bought the yarn with my credit card, and since he did not have my credit card, the store would not be able to credit my credit card with the return, and therefore the return could not be achieved. Crap. I gave him my credit card number. I didn't hear back. Hopefully this means the yarn was returned successfully, but I assume nothing.

Fantasy for this week: The Schedule says that I must finish both fronts by Sunday night. Hahahaha.

The only bright point in all of this is that (I'm sorry, I just can't be humble here) the design looks so freaking good knitted up, I can hardly stand it.

Stornaway sweater for BIL (blue)
Fantasy: The Schedule says that by last night, I was to have finished the shoulder straps, neck ribbing, and half of the first sleeve.

Reality: I did at least have the shoulder straps and neck ribbing done by the deadline. In fact, I finished them on the commute home on Friday just as we were turning into our street. However, it took me almost all weekend to pick up the stitches for sleeve #1 and by Sunday night only a few rows had been done.

Fantasy for this week: The Schedule says that I must finish the first sleeve by Sunday night. I'm not sure about that one. The sleeve certainly is coming along quite nicely - I think I've done over an inch so far today. So this might be possible.

Striped socks for moi
Fantasy: The Schedule says that I shouldn't even have cast this project on until 2007, maybe 2008.

Reality: The leg of sock #1 now measures over two inches. Like hell my feet will wait two to three years for superhappycomfortsocks.

Fantasy for this week: The Schedule says that I must continue to ignore this project. Snort. What else would I work on while waiting in lineups?

NEW! Cardigan for baby Howard-Schweitzer
Fantasy: The Schedule does not allow for new projects for impending babies until mid-late March 2006. The mother will just have to delay the birth.

Reality: Screw The Schedule. I will rearrange stuff in 2006 so that I can have this project done in time for a pre-baby shower.

Whence came this new project, you may ask? Well, this morning a friend of mine called me and told me that some friends of ours are expecting their first baby in March. This is wonderful news and I'm tremendously happy for them. I will be designing a cardigan for the wee one and the design will be for my still-hypothetical-but-it-has-several-designs-written-for-it-so-far book.

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