Thursday, August 18, 2005

Self-abuse redux

DH read Monday's blog entry, and he has given me permission to post his reactions to it here.

  • He does not seem to feel badly about the lack of wearable knitted sweater love. He emphasized this by saying that...
  • He love-love-LOVES his socks. Loves them. (He lent me the blue pair last night because my feet were cold and I have to admit that they might just be the most comfy things that have ever touched my feet.)
  • He reminded me that Hell Sweater was not actually finished on Christmas Eve, but rather in the wee hours of Christmas Day. He recalls that I had to stay up well into the night to finish it. (Again, my brain seems to have blocked this memory.) Apparently I was additionally hampered during this wee-hours knitting because he kept coming into the room every hour and complaining that I had not yet come to bed. (I can only imagine how much that would have elevated my stress level!)

And speaking of self-abuse...

My site stats are showing me that someone found the page on this blog detailing the doll clothes I knit for my daughter by searching for the phrase 'mistress hard for wip me'.

Is anyone else a bit scared by that?

Moving onto more pleasant topics...

I went to the Lettuce Knit SnB last night and had a lovely time. It was Aven's last night there before she moves out east and so I fortunately got a chance (however brief) to say goodbye and congratulations and good luck and all that nice jazz. I regret that I didn't have enough time to really get to know her while she lived here, but she is clearly a lovely person and she deserves all the best.

Stornaway sweater for BIL
Neck shaping has begun! I'm currently working on the left side of the front. I had the rest of the front stitches on a spare needle for a while, but I kept stabbing myself in the chest with it, so I transferred the stitches to some spare yarn instead. I'm seriously thinking of doing the same with the stitches for the back and the two gussets - it will make taking the sweater on the subway a lot easier.

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