Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Plodding along

Lacy shawl for baby Muth
Progress is crawling forward. I've got about 150 (ever-increasing) rows left before starting the edging, and only two weeks (according to The Schedule) to do them. Ha! Despair is starting to set in.

Stornaway sweater for BIL (blue)
This is what the underarm gussets looked like this morning:

However, after today's knitting I've done another increase on the gussets, so they're now wider. Fewer than 11 rows to go before dividing for the armscyes!

Herald's tabard for moi
Well, I contacted the seller of the NZ wool to ask if he would be willing to sell me about 100g of yellow worsted-weight yarn, and he was extremely accommodating. Not only was he very willing to wind up what I needed, he offered me a choice between two different kinds of yellow, and all he's asking for is the cost of postage...after it arrives on my doorstep. Unbelievable. What a guy. Needless to say, unless the postage cost turns out to be some horrifyingly high amount, I will probably pay him double or the guilt will haunt me forever. (Incidentally, in order to prevent hordes of people bugging him for the same kind of deal, I should probably point out that I previously bought twenty-six pounds of yarn from this man in one shot, so I suspect you would probably have to be the same sort of customer for him to be so ridiculously generous with you.) So...soon I shall have all the yarn I need for this project, at which point I will probably burst some vessels in my brain with the effort of resisting the urge to start knitting it.

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