Thursday, August 11, 2005

I've knit yarn with a higher IQ

This week I was planning once again to go to a Wednesday evening Lettuce Knit SnB. I was all set - I'd made extra sandwiches to take with me for dinner, I did extra laundry on Tuesday night, DH was cool with the idea, the whole shebang. I was all ready to go.

Now, the deal-io to me going to one of these things is that I have to make my own way home instead of having DH pick me up after he gets DD from daycare. I work in downtown Toronto, but I live up in the northern wilds of Richmond Hill (anyone who lives in, say, Sudbury is likely laughing their @$$ off right now over my use of the phrase 'northern wilds', and I freely admit that they are correct in doing so). This means using York Region Transit to get home. I have a stash of YRT tickets in my purse for this very purpose. (A smart thing to do - but as you will soon see, not smart enough.)

So. On Tuesday night as DH and I were trying to fall asleep, I suddenly remembered that the last time I had tried to use a YRT ticket from the stash in my purse (one morning when I had to make my own way downtown), I was almost left ride-less at the bus stop because YRT has recently changed their tickets (unbeknownst to infrequent riders such as myself) - fortunately, the driver took pity on me, accepted my outdated ticket, and let me on the bus. YRT is willing to exchange my old tickets for the new style of tickets, but this requires taking my old tickets to their Head Office, and not only is that a royal PITA, but I forgot to do it.

And so...I cursed for a while and then decided that I couldn't go to the SnB after all because I didn't have the right tickets, and there was no way I could obtain the right tickets before having to get on the YRT bus in the morning (yes, you can pay a cash fare, but that's assuming I actually had change in my purse, which is a laugh and a half).

Have you spotted my error yet?

I didn't have to take the YRT bus in the morning. I only had to take it in the evening! And in the evening, I would have caught the YRT bus from a terminal where I could buy new-style tickets. And naturally, I did not catch this error in my thought process until it was far too late.

What was I thinking?!? AUGH! So I missed out again on an SnB for no reason (save my own stupidity).

Next week. Next week.

NEW! Hat/mitts/booties set for baby MacPherson-Henderson
A few years ago, one of my co-workers went on mat leave, and her replacement for the year was a very cool lady with whom I got along splendidly. Said cool lady has since gotten another job with another employer, but her new job is such that one of the groups in our department gets to work with her from time to time. So yesterday, one of my co-workers was at a meeting with her, and came back to tell us all that she is expecting her first child! Whee!

That's the good news.

The bad news is that she's due (like everyone else in the entire world, apparently) around December/January. Thus, if I want to knit her something (which I do), the project must be piled up on top of my already stupid Christmas knitting stressload.

Despite this, I am planning to design the project myself, because this is the perfect opportunity to create something else for my book. However, in deference to the impossible Christmas knitting project list, the gift will be small - a matching hat/mitts/booties set. I'm thinking a fair isle of some kind. And if I run out of time, I can give her just part of the set (hat and mitts only, mitts and booties only, etc.) and she'll never know there's anything missing.

However, I am seriously thinking of taking a week off in October to knit.

Lacy shawl for baby Muth
Apparently I cannot do basic math. In my last entry, I wrote that I had about 150 rows left before the edging. This was incorrect. The real number was actually closer to 130. And after last night's knitting, the number is 125.

Of course, this is all a moot point because I don't know what the heck I'm going to do for the edging anyway...

Stornaway sweater for BIL (blue)
The sweater has been divided for the armscyes! The gusset stitches are on stitch holders, the back stitches are on a spare needle, and I am currently working on the front. Hoo-ray.

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