Thursday, July 07, 2005

Sick, again

Bear with me, please - I never feel like posting when I'm sick, even though the knitting hasn't stopped. I'll be back when the cold has gone away. The only nice thing that can be said of this is that (so far...please don't hurt me for my arrogance, Murphy) it hasn't been as bad as the other colds I've had in the past year. Just a bunch of congestion and some sore throat-ness.

I'm also sick at heart about the latest events in London. The mentality that enables someone to think that killing and maiming people is a good idea is something that I just can't get my head around. I am doing my best to raise my child to be respectful, compassionate, moral and non-violent. Aren't these basic human tenets? What's wrong with people?

Sadly, going and living in a bubble with my husband and kid is not an option. Although after today, I am seriously examining the idea of getting a job outside the city just so I won't have to take Toronto mass transit (aka 'potential target') any more.

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