Monday, July 04, 2005

My man can knit


The completed golf club cover. Last night I taught him the three-needle bind-off, then he sewed up the seam, and voilà! Done like dinner. He is pleased. I am proud as all get-out.

And that's where the good knitting news ends.

Mountain Laurel Counterpane blanket for baby Gelman
I was supposed to be finished this by yesterday. I am not. It's getting very close, and I do expect to be finished before the end of the day, but it ain't done yet. This morning it looked like this:

Can you see why the approaching done-ness doesn't fill me with joy and elation? Notice how the blanket is kind of loosely rumpled but the border is stretched? Yeah. I've done hours and hours of work on this damn border and come really close to running out of yarn, only to discover that I didn't pick up enough stitches around the edge of the blanket to begin with. F**k. The tragedy is that even if I were to rip out all my hours and hours of border work (and I can't tell you how much I am so NOT keen on that idea) and pick up enough additional border stitches so that it would all look good when done, the extra stitches would probably mean that I'd run out of yarn. Oh, but more Baycrest Sayelle yarn went up on eBay over the beige. Sob. Maybe blocking will help...
Hooded jacket for baby Sperling
Work on this has been slow while I concentrate on finishing the blanket instead. Right side of the hood is about an inch or so away from being complete.

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Susan said...

If you do rip and redo have you thought of doing the lace edge? The cable uses more yarn, so lace might be better. It will have more "give" too.