Monday, June 13, 2005

Knitting studmuffin

This weekend my husband began the increasing and did several rows on the 'head' of his knitted club cover project. And so, last night I emerged from my nightly hygeine routine in the bathroom to find him lying on his side on the bed, in typical GQ-man pose, looking sexy as all heck, with his knitting spread out before him, and a smile which clearly said, "Hey, baby...I can knit." It was great. :)

So this is weird

According to my stats tracker for this blog, five separate people found my site today between late morning and early afternoon as a result of searching on Google for 'knitting pattern "elizabeth i"'. This is kind of sudden and strange, far too much so to be coincidental. Is it 'Search for Alice Starmore's Elizabeth I Pattern Day'? :) If anyone can give me any insight about this, please do...I'm curious.

Celtic cable sweater for baby MacDonald
Last week's goal was achieved late last night: I finished sleeve #1. Now I have to do sleeve #2, design and make the cowl neck, and weave in ends. Before Thursday morning. LOTS to do in a short amount of time. So what happens? I put the project in my bag this morning...and forgot to pack the needles. A fact I only discovered as we were about to get on the highway this morning, when I took the project out to work on it. DH, bless him, was all for turning around and going back for the needles, but since we were already late and still had to make a detour to get desperately-needed gas for the car, I said no. (And a good thing too, because the fill-up alone made me 20 minutes late for work.) Fortunately, I do have some stitch holders in my accessories kit, which I'm using to pick up stitches around the armscye for sleeve #2. So some progress is being made today, despite my idiocy.
Striped socks for DH
Heel is turned and leg has begun. Sadly, the rejoining of the yarn to the instep on sock #2 was not as seamless with the striping pattern as with sock #1. These are definitely going to be fraternal socks rather than identical. But it's still looking good, and I'm hopeful that I can get it all done by Sunday.

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